Brown bear mauls moose hunter in Alaska - CBS News

He is anticipated for you to survive.

Refuge manager Andy Loranger says fishermen in the area alerted authorities, and also Matthews was flown to some close by hospital. He has been placed in good condition Wednesday and refused requests for an interview.

Loranger says salmon are usually passing through nearby waterways, attracting bears for the area.. Wildlife officials are usually seeking for that bear in the location near Doroshin Bay in the upper end regarding Skilak Lake, nevertheless it remains open.

Last updated Sep 23, 2015 4:44 PM EDT

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Authorities cheap trail cameras say any Texas man mauled with a brown bear while moose hunting inside Alaska has suffered severe injuries.

They say a bear using cubs attacked 47-year-old Gregory Joseph Matthews regarding Plano because he hunted Tuesday together using his brother within the Kenai National cheap trail cameras Wildlife Refuge

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